The Proportions.

The proportion in a strike

could prompt a like

be it in a feature  almost

should be in a figure utmost

found in an article as such

exceptionally in a novel as much

seen in a portrait all the more

expressed in a sculpture even more

the exactness always counts

the precision  is an account

likened in a speech although

a semblance in a teach even though

noticed in buildings and their structure

a stuck out from the architecture taj-mahal

well that could be of a narration

where there are great proportions

being one of great and small

in accordance to those tall

in regard to those of whom are short

goes the ratios with a lot.


A call I Make.

It is a call I make

a call I take

a call I fake

a call for the sake

calls without a break

keep me in a stake

promote a shake

fathomless  it is

inquisitive it appears

curious it stays

let it be of any magnitude

sholud 670px-Make-a-FaceTime-Call-on-an-iPad-Step-1-Version-5.jpg be serene in attitude



Blog For A Pen.


Could I blog for a pen?

well, that could be when?

I am not timid like a hen

nor  do I live in a den

am I talking irrationally?

I do occasionally

never be surprised in a folly

being my real self intrinsically

I  am a sensitive person

so I do not speak reason

jump over every treason

like a  very wild bison

it be not in  a season

it is my being  all through

hate who speak words untrue.





The Little Realm

trees ,birds, squirrelsThe birds keep me enticed

from the days long back

the place I write opens out

the trees stand around

where be the birds and squirrels

the chirp of the birds

their tweets and chatter

distract me to the best

I  gaze at them with cheer

they  talk with love dear

the squirrels come through the door

run around me in joy all through

the play continues all the morning

like to be in their innocuous  company

could not be diffuse in the symphony

as I have to attend to my duties

now I am away from the heavenly beauty

the  realm where birds, squirrels and I play.