A sensitive Plot.

It  is a plot sensitive
 I do not know
I never take anything offensive
 I believe it as how
 trapped in without being defensive
 am  lethargically slow
 into it without being apprehensive
 receive a harsh blow.
I am now  insensitive
 my heart has stopped the flow
it is an agony excessive
my mind bows low.



The Flight Up And Down

The flight up and down

being on the same day

could cause a frown

exhaustive in a way

I wonder for a while

yes, could be says my friend

impresses me with her style

saying that the trend

has to report an hour before

baggage drop and check in

being seated for hours together

with little leg space  in

a position so stiff and firm

could dampen your spirit

as you sit tight  and grim

awaiting the aircraft to land

a return on the same day

would make you not withstand

the strain being that as elsewhere4911bc17517a4ad28148195c7d3c7a4e