Tips For Writers.

Tips for writers

ideas for writers

instructions for writers

could be of use

could kill their originality

could make them depended

leave them alone

leave them to their thoughts

leave them to themselves

would produce a magnificent story

could give birth to a lovely poem.




Nature Has A Stature

Iwcwf the day is bright

we feel right

if the day is dreary

we feel weary

if the day is clear

we have no fear

if the day is dull

we feel not full

well, be the day

controls us in a way

day being dictated by Nature

Oh!  Nature has such a stature.




Man Is Less

The animals behave strange

the birds move about in strange

the men behave not strange

those that act different

know the day would be different

a feel  of difference

a premonition in the course

they know as they live in close

sail with nature’s course

smell the intensity of the variance

understand the nuances of the deviance

safeguard themselves from the  disturbance

a practice man has forgotten  in his  day to day

he is engrossed in his routine of day to day

neglects nature and goes about in his own way

suffers and succumbs to Nature’s fury  all the days.1e5c47da36153ca2fbd32452035bddda