That be It.

That be it

could that be in it

could that be out of it

could that be

That be it.


My Greed.

It is the only greed

brews in me for long

being the one to read

could be a direct  lead

while I write my poems

I yearn it should be read

not by one but by many instead

with that though I go ahead

write and write with a passion

could not stop over in a fashion

halt and then proceed in a  fraction

my poems come as a deluge and immerse

at least one of my readers with my verse

the greed as such is irrational in a way

for that any greed be so  always

Oh! I write and write with a devour

could be the creativity in a fervour.quote Buddha from Dhammapada on karma by House of Doves flickr 8502901403_8ea6787c0f











Rest In Bliss

I retrospect

the years that have gone

not one or two in a circumspect

from the day I was born

I recollect.


I step aside

turn back and see the road

not one very much beside

being one not very broad

I stand still.


I go through

scrupulously  I pursue the past

being very much true

my memory reads fast

I gather myself.


I find happiness

the way I have lived all along

straight without any indulgence

knowing where I belong

I  turn contented.


I walk ahead

have to cross the years  with pride

a significance well read

hope to be blessed with an easy ride

I rest in blissbliss







There You Are Almost –2016.

Being sweet sixteen


a fascinating  age in teens

wishing an exuberant 2016.


Every year new

would bring good  tides anew

a hope to renew.


Hope lives long

would make us very strong

do sing a song.




A Farewell And A Welcome

The day is about to close

the year follows too

the episodes that rose

hold us in  blue

the incidents that happened

release an amazement

the floods and  quakes  dampen

create an estrangement

the killings and death of innocent

cause a flutter and grief

the migration we see in the recent

force us to sigh and heave

days were pleasant in a way

crowded by cheer and goodwill

days were horrible in  a way

swarmed  by apprehension and  ill will

the year went through in  fits and starts

punctuated by good and bad

it rolled on without a break from the start

no matter be it happy and sad

another year is ready to enter the arena

be it a better one than the past

let us all greet and welcome 2016 with a stamina

we know red_rosehope enlivens and invigorates fast.