Madurai Corporation Building On A lake.

On the water body

stands a building

tall and sturdy

majestic and fascinating

being one of importance

hosts the city  council

I bring this to reference

one that has to counsel

has breached the norms

construction on the lakes

has been prohibited in all forms

yet the Civic body pays no stake

erected its administrative office

over the beautiful water source

a threat to the building in a fix

could collapse anytime in the course

at times of heavy rain  in years

the water could  not flow into the storage

it goes unruly and in a slipshod causing a fear

the floods overtake and  create a rummage

a mishap of great magnitude as such

death of man and cattle accounts too much

loss of money and belongings  to one and all

besides a disaster and a devastation beyond a call.madurai-corporationpro.gif





Opportunity Of Gold

The food having gone cold

the wife being bold

went out in the cold

the husband was not so bold

sat inside in fear of cold

usually men are bold

dare to venture in cold

it is different here as told

while the wife walked out  bold

cause the relation has turned cold

she could not bear and hold

as the man was indifferent and cold

she did not anyhow want to fold

so she slammed the door  quite bold

the husband   remained cold

did not apologize as told

the break was certain ,so told

uniting was out of question as told

was a loss to both  in the fold

they have lost an opportunity of gold.golden opportunity







Likes On Poems

Likes on poems of poets

go in a trend as seen

a few likes to the ones

many likes to the others

know not for reason

either the popularity counts

or the content  helps in the mount

numbers do not matter  they say

yet it is a proof in a way

as the likes reach hundred or more

the poet is pleased and overjoyed

while the likes show likemeagre two or seven

the writer is disillusioned and  feels sad

either way the creator is affected

one in the process he has to improve

the other in the procedure he has to halt

let he or she decide as what to be done

a truly piquant stage as found.



A Strange Mania

It is a  strange mania

a very different one

what could I name the mania?

almost a distinctive mania one.


She has it in surplus

overwhelms her most times

not definitely a plus

she in obsession all times.


Curious to know about that ?

it is an equation with others superior

could be in wisdom and wealth or all that

perhaps a conciliation  of her status  in exterior.


She boasts  of her know hows vociferously

familiar with the one  and friendly with the other

could be true or not in a way incongruously

would they acknowledge  is not her bother.


She indulges in a buying imaginatively

diamonds , gold and silver cross her  always

purchases not  one or two but  a score fabulously

followed by many an item expensive cost wise.


What suffix could one add to this behaviour?

I ponder for a while with a thought on words

nothing comes to my mind from my brain’s anterior

let me deliberate on for a few days wading towards.









Living Privately.

Nothing would leave me alone

no day I would be alone

being in a community close knit

wish to get away from it a bit

none would leave me alone .


I stay from celebrations  most

like to be  in solitude  during these at the most

a crowd seems to take me off from the core

as I wish to enjoy the sea from the shore

I intend to remain alone.


It is the gossip that affects me in all

placid interpretations are not in the call

a twist to the tale be the cause

puts me on hold and in a pause

I withdraw  and desire to be alone.


Folks find fault with me  for no participation

I smile within myself at their allegations

I had been among them all these four decades

require a break from the usual dressing in brocades

I would prefer  living privately on the whole.10373642_10152373894714675_8529262584983976700_n.jpg