A City Would Perish.

A soothsayer says

the city would perish

would be devoured by water

sooner or later mostly in 2016

could not believe it in whole

could not let it as farce

am in a dilemma day in and day out

what should I do? tell me in short

as I am perplexed and sad.Underwater city mockup 2


Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Emission of gas  all through

a deal in a misconstrue

remission of thoroughfare

could render a care

the India auto rickshaw

poses to be a flaw

the pollution be not in smoke

be also in noise  in stroke

pooling cars  could reduce considerably

would  arrest the spread  gradually

utilization of public transport

the opening of small ports

would optimize the short  trips

the cargo  would turn a flip

walks and cycling would add  charm

such an inclination  would   dispel harm

a resurrection would be on the way

the temperature would fall in the day.autorickshaw.jpg




The Climate Deal

The climate deal

lends a positive feel

the temperature change

is to be in a range

limiting the rise below 2 C

have to work towards 1. 5 C

would  be a  remarkable  start

need a still more effort in chart

the “green house  gas emission neutrality”

should become an emphatic reality

our follies have to be dispelled  slowly

that made the world lose its originality.climate deal,.jpg