made to orderMade to order

could  be out of order

never do order.


Never do order

could bring you to order

a difficult order.


A difficult order

how to  conclude the order

know not the order.


Pun on order

words do open in order

order not order.



I Hear Gunshots.

I hear gunshots not in real

 it might sound very unreal
the blasts and firings in my place
 never do happen even in a phase.
I hear gunshots not in real
I hear them though being unreal
I read about them in the news
they cause an inexplicable rue.
I hear gunshots not in real
they thunder all around in real
a firing in Paris all of a sudden
killing many even in a garden.
I hear gunshots not in real
bursts with an onslaught  in real
a Russian plane falls down  unexpectedly
hundreds lose their life momentously.
I hear gunshots not in real
an attack planned meticulously in real
suspicion circumscribes an extremists ploy
fourteen succumb in  the deadliest deploy.
I hear gunshots not in real
I hear them though being unreal
my place being far and away
should never turn insecure in a way.
I hear gunshots not in real
I hear them though being unreal
every place should enjoy peace as such
never  be under fear of terrorism  in much.



Of Great Magnitude

toleranceA tolerance could it be
I could very well see
an endurance of great magnitude
i would even call it beatitude
an extreme patience all the way
being unbelievable in the fray
not with an exhaustion with a resilience
seem to be the primary incidence
well executed with no chagrin whatsoever
sensitivity was forbidden forever
the kindness, as I term it, was superior
expressed graceful and majestic demeanour.


That be A Religion

That be a religion

one that is so regional

could have been worldwide

could have gone wider in tide

could have been restricted  in the sway

could have slowed down  in the way

being one of tolerance  of magnitude

neither enforced  nor   abused  in latitude

one of passive endowments  so  mild

an ancient one with  principles  easy to abide

propagated through oral tradition  from yore

the hymns and the songs  flow

the literature and the  scriptures  denote

revolve around precepts that emulate  in notes

discipline and  decorum  emphasized

faith and belief very intensely   described

not set in rules as others put across

free to practice as now and when  in pause

a concept of a rare quality with an enlightenment

where compassion overtakes passion

where truth overcomes reason

where ideals overwhelm ideas  with an insight

where science and religion coexist

astrology and astronomy work together

predictions and reality go hand in hand  altogether

truth or “sathyam” being  paramount  in life

pretext and pretenseHinduism_Philosophyion are condemned  in the strife

while “karma” holds the loop as we find

the seven births show the precincts  in a kind

being born as per your earlier birth’s deeds

the good and the bad being the outcome  of all deals

the religion has many latent facets and facts

be it called Hinduism as in its  rightful track.