Quiet As My Mother

I am in the midst of a crowd

where all speak loud

I talk not  very much

a silent spectator as such

I feel fish out of water

I am my mother’s daughter

she spoke not much in her days

only  few words was  her  way

she was at ease with a very few

my father  called  them in queue

nothing could change her till the end

so am I like her all the more in a trlike-mother-like-daughter-invader-zim-fancharacters-20907688-900-670end








Natural DIsasters.

Natural disasters keep us at bay

the onslaughts strike us unaware

they do come one after one in a day

leave us shocked and almost bare

the floods carries  both coveted and ordinary

the fire destroys all into cinders   in no time

the storm rages with  a speed extraordinary

everything happens so sudden without a chime

have to believe  that insurgence  causes disaster incredible

only other to understand natural-disasters that impermanence  is inevitable


Peace At Jeopardy.

The world peace is at jeopardy

man shoots not tardy

kills one here and two there

a host of people yonder

a hundred  almost here

east, west, south and north

bear the heat of the hearth

a state of art is killing

who is at the back of the billing?

a question to answer in earnest

who could be the target?

another one  faces us all cold.jeopardy




Being Away

being away from the human race

could be a startling phase with a withdrawal

becomes a reward in itself without a chase

as humans lack the spirit and soul of humanity.strange woman