An Income Tax Raid

Being officialIncome-Tax-Raid raid

inclusive of those who betrayed

private and public.



The Climatic Deviation

The climate provokes and ignites

people to an upheaval

drought for a period long incites

people to an upheaval

the failure of crops at the most

leads to a loss of revenue

leaves the people in a state almost

penniless in every venue

they agitate and fight among  themselves

bloodshed and death results

not confined to their frontiers of their selves

they cross and commit acts at a behest

inflict killings and  violence  wherever they go

terrorism has taken its toll

could the climate be a reason as some think?maxresdefault (1)







The Sunshine And Mind

Bright day it is

little or no rain

lively it looks

beautiful in shine

a similarity in the mind

brilliant in perception

little or no illusions defined

being an exaltation

the environment plays a role

keeps the mind in good fold.eternal_sunshine_of_the_spotless_mind_by_edu0211-d5ekcmx-704x454.jpg



Excellent Joint.

It is a day out

after a long interval

could turn out

interesting at levels

I hesitate a while

as I prefer to be alone

that be my style

I feel blown

amidst the throng

might sound  unfamiliar

could be the impact of long

born in a family  so familiar

for its distinctive aloofness

interaction is never my strength

observation  is my strong point

as I listen in all earnest

that is my excellent out.jpg