Cities Built

Cities on the banks of rivers

are seats of civilization from olden times

Cities on the sea shore

are places for trade and commerce  from ancient times

Cities on places away from sea

could be places of safety at all times

be the reason for ancient kingdoms in short

settle their capital far away from the ocean

The sea devours and devastates  a lot

as it brings prosperity and growth

the iconic image of sea  is ironic

a paradoxical influence as well as being enigmatic .56ae89283b06d6c1770d5bd05493d752




Being Beautiful

Being beautiful  in all

should be a great call

she being not very tall

looks pleasing and sweet.


Her eyes shine with pride

emit a   modesty outside

holds a shrewdness inside

dazzle with a glow.


Her talk  elevates through

she speaks nothing but true

carries a charming hue

kind and gentle  always.


Such a person is rare  to  find

gentle and lovely in a kind

she touches every soul with a bind

selfless and lively in all.being beautiful




Arrogance Pays.

Arrogant he had been all his life

never even condescended to his wife

rugged he looked in appearance

did not show any reverence

be it his parents or friends

a man who did not extend

a smile as if it was expensive

people were always apprehensive

being he a man of moods

his talk was very crude

his behaviour atrocious

he was all along malicious

ever did he strike with a vengeance

ever did he commit without reference

born with a golden spoon

he was responsible for his doom

he deviated from the norms

thus invited a storm

finally got overturned by the cyclone

he died as a sad man all alone.arrogant man






An Image –God Given

He has an image

came naturally

being one of comic

eyebrows bushy

not his mistake

being God given

speaks not

squeaks more

not his mistake

being God given

unable to learn

nor pass through  school

again not his mistake

but God given

walks not with poise

but in  quick steps

more so being God given

all could be marginalized though

thinks high of himself

in spite of his faults

pretends to be supreme

in  spite of his failures

well, could this be his mistake

or could it be God given.comical man






The harvest is over

three months toil

inordinate expenses

come to an end.


Being a three hour process

the machines doing the entire

the rice being bundled

transported to the mills


The result is not much

always it is so

expenses and income

work not a difference.


Well, this be the status

being that of a farmer

tilling his land

brings not anything much .


Year after year he does

grumbles and mumbles

does it anyhow

not much of a gain.


The pleasure lies not on revenue

experienced through cultivation

the green fields and crops

lend a satisfaction utmost.


Never would the farmer

earn a treasure

the sight of the laden crops

is but a pleasure.harvest.