It is a harp
played so sharp
the music flows
the face glows
lights up the singer
brightens up the listener
a lovely melody significant
a relaxation different
with closed eyes I hear
soft and soothing brings tears
I forgets the environment around
as the song takes me in a round
am I happy all the way?
am I sad in a sway?
I myself wonder for a moment
the song elevates my soul
enthralled I am on the whole.victor_salvi_a



It is ashtami

not good to me

she says all sad

why ? it is bad

I ask her  with concern

she could not discern

she nods her head this way

then her head goes the other way

I stare at her  for quite some time

she went on with her rhymes

ashtami is not good for me

being the one in a plea

superstition has gone deep

it has risen up steep

hard to shake her of the belief

being immersed into it without relief

I find my way out of it  i in haste

as  her thoughts are not to my taste.





She being An Entertainment.

She is out of her mind

speaks somewhat in a kind

a little astray perhaps

she  is but a mishap

talks big of her all the same

great of her husband not to name

thinks she is beautiful all the more

mother of her likewise being four

walks now and then at random

paces up and down in tandem

dresses up in the most ill fitting attire

well, have to prop up her in a satire

as she behaves  funny and quixotic

one could dub her as an eccentric

I would not address her so

as she is a way down that  in the go

her gait being very peculiar

her forehead sees her nose  all clear

her nose watches her mouth  all foul

she speaks with a grunt and a howl

all being so in the real status  as seen

she blinks and stares without a gleam

that be her in her late sixties

imagine her at the teens

a nice way to picture her with a feel

could you find a more entertaining deal.strange woman






Macbeth —- Haiku

He being Macbeth

walks mostly without any breath

fears the death.macbeth-bloody-hand



The Eventuality

Likewise the chaos  happens

fieldwise  the commotion  strikes

streetwise the disturbance  takes place

housewise the confusion  occurs

otherwise the revolt would  disappear

a revise of the eventuality on the edge.eventuality.jpg