Madurai Corporation Building On A lake.

On the water body

stands a building

tall and sturdy

majestic and fascinating

being one of importance

hosts the city  council

I bring this to reference

one that has to counsel

has breached the norms

construction on the lakes

has been prohibited in all forms

yet the Civic body pays no stake

erected its administrative office

over the beautiful water source

a threat to the building in a fix

could collapse anytime in the course

at times of heavy rain  in years

the water could  not flow into the storage

it goes unruly and in a slipshod causing a fear

the floods overtake and  create a rummage

a mishap of great magnitude as such

death of man and cattle accounts too much

loss of money and belongings  to one and all

besides a disaster and a devastation beyond a call.madurai-corporationpro.gif





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