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My Dear Meenu

I  wish to see  my little Meenu,

To hear her cry

To feel her silky  charm,

To diffuse in her innocence,

I sit crossed,

When is it going to be?


I desire to hold her close ,

To look into her lovely eyes,

To caress her smooth skin,

To lift her up and down,

I relax wondering,

When is it going to be


 I yearn to kiss her cheeks,

To run my hand through her hair,

To put her to sleep in my lap,

To sing a  soft lullaby.

I languish slightly,

When is it going  to be?


I long to take her around,

To hold her  small  hand,

To  teach her the ways of life,

To talk to her about nature,

I recline lethargically,

When is it going to be?



I like to  note her growth.

To watch her roll ,

To  espy her crawl,

To perceive her walk,

I  fall back,

When is it going to be?



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I- Random Check

Born as a child to someone,

Referred as  a spouse of someone,

Became a mother to someone,

Upgraded as grandmother by someone,

I know not,

Who am I?



Some call me tough,

Some  speak of me as proud,

Some address me as exact,

Some point  me as different,

I know not ,

What  am I ?


Few feel I am detached,

Few express I am distinct,

Few share I am coy,

Few remark I am invincible,

I know not ,

How I appear?


I stray as I like,

I work as I wish,

I   think as I believe

I conclude as I decide.

I know not ,

Where I go?


I seldom gossip,

I rarely enquire,

I  keenly observe,

I subtly withdraw,

I know not,

When I sleep?

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An Ode To Design

Designs are many.

Designs are plenty,

Designs are trendy,

Designs are  impressive



Designs  interpret variants,

Designs express manipulations,

Designs  portray images,

Designs infer  translations.



Designs seek appreciation,

Designs  refer  traditions,

Designs  render admiration,

Designs promote valuation.




Designs are translucent,

Designs are fluorescent,

Designs are benevolent,

Designs are  excellent.






Designs ignite the mind,

Designs assuage the spirit.

Designs refine the taste,

Designs tranquillise the soul.




Designs bring charm,

Designs show beauty,

Designs kindle warmth,

Designs resurrect peace.



Designs falter at times,

Designs divert at times,

Designs seduce at times,

Designs  mislead at times.




Designs  aim at progression,

Designs target promotion,

Designs work towards prosperity,

Designs hover  over rejoicement.

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A Tirade

Wage a tirade,

Against injustice,

Wage a tirade ,

Against inequality,

Wage a tirade .

Against treachery,

Wage a tirade,

Against bribery,

Wage a tirade ,

Against manipulation,

Wage a tirade,

Against contempt,

Wage a tirade

Against mockery,

Wage a tirade

Against  inefficiency,

Wage a tirade,

Against corruption,

Wage a tirade,

Against sorcery,

Wage a tirade ,

Against malpractice,

Wage a tirade,

Against adulteration,

Wage a tirade ,

Against hoarding.

Wage a tirade ,

Against greed,

Wage a tirade,

Against misappropriation,

Wage a tirade,

Against self conceit,

Wage a tirade,

Against breach of trust,

Wage a tirade ,

Against unbridled anger,

Wage a tirade ,

Against untempered behaviour,

Wage a tirade

Against crude attacks,

Wage a tirade,

Against harsh language.

Wage a tirade ,

Against  atrocity,

Wage a tirade ,

unmindful of victory,

Unnerved by insurgence,

Unaffected by pitfalls,

Unmoved by reaction.

A little reformation,

A small correction,

Bring a big  renaissance.

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Fascination Fabulous

A lovely child,

With a radiant smile,

With an  innocent  look,

With a godly spirit,

Is   fascination fabulous.




A beautiful flower,

With a colourful hue,

With a gentle bicker

With a smothering dangle

Is a fascination fabulous.



An ornate piece of art,

With gorgeous setting,

With  an impressive layout,

With an enchanting intricacy,

Is fascination fabulous.





A lively habitation,

With an enviable harmony.

With an elucidating compassion,

With an open disclosure,

Is fascination fabulous.

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Peace On Earth.

A wish of peace   so lively,

A thought of peace  so full,

A craving  for peace so deep,

Keeps the earth alive.




An expectation of  cheerful life,

A belief of  practical living,

A theme of  adorable progress,

Keeps the earth moving.



A  theory of frenzied action,

A deliberation of  frantic move,

An apprehension of  chaotic confrontation,

Keeps the earth inert.




A scene of  unjustifiable prediction,

A depiction of  irreversible  prejudice,

A presence of barbaric spectacle,

Keeps the earth  insolent.




A  symbol  of tumultuous  activity,

A significance of  frothing eruption,

A cauldron of  fumigating evolution,

Keeps the earth on  fire.




An expectation of grace,

An  experience of amity,

A  solace  of  compassion,

Will glorify the earth  with Peace.

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To Dare

The impetuous deal,

Wrought by a cynic,

Deployed  by a freak,

Will make you  to dare.

The excess outrage,

Evolved by the  rude,

Expressed by  the harsh

Will push you to dare.

The imminent derailment,

Drawn by the  insincere,

Driven by the  infidel,

Will rush you to dare.

The scary proposal,

Drafted by the illiterate,

Enforced by the ignorant ,

Will  agitate  you to dare.

The stringent memorandum,

Proposed by the mercenary,

Promoted by the  greedy.

Will  kindle you to dare.

The ineffectual desire,

Wished  by the irrational,

Forced by the disenchanted ,

Will provoke you to dare.

The  impoverished entreaty,

Pitted by the irreverent,

Defined by the  selfish

Will stagger you to dare.

The indignant  arrogance,

ushered by the audacious,

Beleaguered by the atrocious.

Will wrench you to dare.

The tempestuous cycle ,

enraged  by the seasons,

impelled by the extremity,

Will  insinuate you to dare.

The daring in you,

punctuated by feelings,

prompted by  virtues

Will induce you to  win.

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The Dazzling Illumination.

An apparition descends,

As if from Heaven,

Smiling and gay.

Beckons  all with a nod,

Its thoughts entice,

elaboration  and elevation.

Casts its eyes around,

Its feelings assuage,

Distinction  and  demarcation..

Raises its hands,

Its moves  promote

Protection and prevention.

Takes a step ahead,

Its charm invigorate

Integration  and inclusion.

Delivers a speech,

Its words  insinuate,

Inspiration  and invocation.



Its chant embark,

on a shore,

On an aisle.

Its hymns traverse,,

Over a front,

Over an habitat.

Its blessings aspire,

Towards a fugitive,

Towards an asylum..

Its mercy  reaches

The most trodden,

The most afflicted


Its Love surpasses.,

Its compassion surmounts,

Its glory twinkles.


It is a kindly beacon.

It is a benign torch.

It is a sparkling light.,

It is a dazzling illumination.

That exudes Warmth.

That emanates sublimity.