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A Defiance

Defiance is a rarity  these days,

As the going is  easy always,

Enabling a free movement  all through,

With a less  problematic move,

Pleasing to all .


Defiance is alarming to most,

As acceptance is a toast,

Keeping everyone in good mood ,

With a disguised affectation all too good,

Pleasant to all.



Defiance is condemned  by almost all,

As though it is an  irrational call,

An action much-needed during terms of inconsistency,

Raising the voice at periods of insurgency,

 Is displeasing  to all.


Defiance is detested by the majority,

As though  it affects the priority,

A resistance much required against arrogance,

Boldly desisting the partial preference,

Is unpleasant to all.


Defiance is a rightful tool double-edged .

Prescribed  to ward off discriminations pledged,

To be used with delicate ,careful  serenity

An unexpected move would invite  unfathomable trinity,

Of violence , war, and bloodshed.