Meenakshi memudham

Divine Grace

Meenakshi . presides over the temple city of Madurai, with excellent grandeur and exuberant charm.

 Once, you get near her shrine,you became ecstatic, you lose yourself in a reverie,you seem to feel light, you are totally mesmerised,you get diffused in her splendour,you become spellbound before her,you are animated,.

Such is the charm of Meenakshi.

She is a mother to her devotees.

A mother should be easily accessible to all.

Unfortunately, to get a darshan we have to wait in a long queue.or else buy  a 100RS ticket to get a free and close look at the Goddess .which is beyond the reach of many.

Will the authorities  take steps to make Meenakshi visible to all?,

The mundane commercial aspect spoils the gusto and tempo of reverberation.

Extricating ,from wordly thoughts, I hum the Kirtana

Meenakshi me mudham dehi,

mesakanngi raaja mathangi,

 Muthusami Dikshitar’s composition in raga Poorva kalyani, .

The resplendent charm of Meenakshi, is portrayed  in detail by the trinity of carnatic music

The eternal union of Meenaksh with Sundereswara,symbolises the  unification of jivaatma with parmatma,. It is a  seamless amalgamation of the individual with divinity.

Madurai is the abode of Meenakshi .”madurpuri nilaye manivalaye.”.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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