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India An Outperformer.

The Satyam episode has created dent in the corporate world.But ,still there is hope as the overall growth is worth monitoring, and the Reserve bank Of India has slashed lending rates, there is a stimulus package in the anvil,and the earning expectation has fallen. This is an opportunity to buy and the overseas investors , would be appalled for the time being , but will resume their investment portfolio , once this phobia of recluse management and fraudelent activities get checked out.

Regulators are probing through the Satyam misappropriation and anomalies ,and will  quickly resolve the issues.Long term investors  would prefer companies with good managemnt records.There are still a handful of them.,like Tatas, Bharati Airtel, Infosys.

Confidence will soon return and the Satyam saga will be passed over as a bad dream. Mistakes ,though gross at this stage , have taught us to be  careful, have made us prudent , have turned us to be defensive and alert.

Catch the corporates , once they go wrong , once they defer from apparent  code of conduct.Soon the share holders can envisage a definite participation in mangement.If things are set right,  if things are put in place, investors can make money.