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The software Hype.

Last decade saw a leap and a hike . Leap was predominant. Hike was unbelievable.Yet there it was very much in black and white.

The word software was a mantra much chanted, much raved about and much admired.If you are a software professional , then you are  a highly placed individual, earning  in six figures, and have an inflated ego .You command a a respect in society.

Commerce , science and literature  were pushed into  oblivion. Commerce became a subject for  clerks and lower ranked officers. Study of science would make you a teacher or at the maximum you rise up to  the status of a Professor, and languages give you no value.

Software grew up as a wonder ware. It attracted many young minds, not for the interest it proposed , but for the money it promised.It did pay as per the  trust, and did advance more prospective discernment.

Of late ,the over enthusiastic  tech savy  aspirants are disappointed by the economic downturns. This phenomenon has reduced the outsourcing formulas and programming assignments.In turn , there is a large scale job displacement, and larger wage reduction.The software companies have felt the jolt and  many are in the verge of closing down. The swift wealth  acquired ,has lead them  to plausible well being and impossible fudging and rigging.Their outlook has undergone a massive superficial alteration. They speak money, think money and breathe money.  The abnormal salary and wages have rendered them super humans, thoroughly away from idealism ,  closely into materialism.

 A mercenary minded breed has been evolved by  the new found technology. This branded genre has lost the human values, has deviated from prescribed norms, and worked towards flaw in character and flayed towards transitory peripherals.