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Obama Intrigued

Obama  is outrageous. His temper is aroused by the issue of bonus to executives of top companies. The bonus part is highly disturbing, and the expectation of these  officials  borders on greed

The economy of the nation is in deep trouble.The companies are making huge loss. There is wide spread wage cut and severe hit on jobs. When everything else is in amiss, the bonus claim by the high ranked officers is demanding and demeaning.

The argument ,put forth by the companies , is that such priorities have to be taken into consideration to retain talent. This objective seems to be baseless and flimsy. Talent is plenty.It is available readily . It can be hired for a lesser pay packet.

The tag of high profile has submerged with  failed economy. Professionalism  has not reached the goal. It has turned way ward. it is clueless . Its target is exclusiveness in pay and perquisites. The sincerity in tending the company, in working for the betterment of their protege,in setting right the earnings,and caring for the welfare of the employees  is totally nil.

The deteriorating standards in management has forced us to put down our heads in shame.Instead of remorse and repentance ,the executives in plum posts demand high salary and higher bonus. . It is a disgrace to the nation , a shame to society and a deformity  to man.