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Austerity At The Inauguration

Obama’s rise to power is a a fairy tale attrition. he  was a promising politician  time ago,  one of the democrat candidate sometime ago, overtook the much adored Hillary Clinton  as his party,s candidature  little time ago,  and won the poll a while ago.

His deliverance and eloquence navigated through the nuances of the depressed economy, thrashed the floundering and flaws of Bush’s administration,pointed towards lavish spending by the Republican government, echoed the digressions of the defunct state of affairs, parodied the fickle sensitivities of Bush policies ,directly targeted the  displacement of jobs as a failure of the government’s perception.

The price tag of Obama’s inauguration gala is estimated to be $150 million.An explosive estimate exploding all normal expeditions.

In 1945, President Roosevelt,at his inaugural made a short speech and served cold chicken salad and a plain pound cake.In 1917 President Wilson did not have any party at his inaugural, saying such parties would be undignified.

Now the inaugural committee spokeswoman Linda Douglas ,says that “It is not a celebration of election, but celebration of our common values.

Security and transportation cost are being paid by the tax payers.The inaugural committee is holding a national day service,followed by three bipartisan dinners.A concert will be held at the Verizon centre The Disney channel will broadcast the event.The committee is paying for 10 stadium to broadcast the event.It is also hiring garbage and recycling services and renting thousands of portable toilets . One supplier remarked that” it is the largest restroom event in the history of the United States.”

This is austerity in the negative sense. Unemployment is staring hard, economy is mostly dead, but the party goes on.