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A Journey Unqualified.

I am not a good traveller. Travelling is not my forte.

I avoid going to places, as I am a bane to the co travellers.I like to stay at home ,and get satisfied seeing places in the net and reading about them.

People cannot be static always. i had to take a trip to see my son, who usually comes to see me,thus keeping me away from travelling. Mostly , I fly. This time as an economy measure , I opted for railways.Indian railways has made a tremendous progressall through the years. The trains ,are comfortable, well maintained, but overcrowde.d To get a ticket , I had to hire a travel agent,and got the middle berth , the most unpleasant accomodation, anyone can think off.

Come what may, I dared to travel. I caught the train, on time a minute late ,it wouldhave crossed the station.. My spouse was furious. This is another weakness of mine, which iritates all.After a few hours of conversation with my fellow travellers,I climbed up to my berth. I knocked my head on the upper railings, and my leg hit the barricade. OOps. I whimpered, then with much effort, spread my sheets and tried to sleep. I tossed this way and that way, counted one to ten, many a time, and thought of many pleasant episodes, just in matter , I fall asleep. But sleep eluded me.People beside me were in deep slumber, some  even snoring . I  stayed wide awake. My hurt leg started aching, and I was in utter discomfort. After ,few hours of groping in the dark, I fell asleep, I know not how.
At about 5.45 in the morning, I awoke, and to my dismay, the train was nearing the suburb station, where I have to get down. I pulled myself up, my hurt leg was causing trouble, but I had no time to think about it ,I put the other leg in the railings, and with excruciating pain brougt the hurt leg to position, then slowly came down. Mean ntime the train whistled through the station. Hurriedly , I collected my baggage and leapt out of the carriage. puffing like the tranport, I travelled. I made  my way through the crowd, and my litle one , though now a 25 year old young man, rushed towards me.He took charge of me and my luggage. Seeing me in a disarray, he chided me for opting the railway.

My pain in the leg and the horridity , I encountered , melted when I saw my youngest kid..