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State Bank Of India-Holy Angel

State Bank Of  India ,the grand old  institution,has been cornered . It has advanced Rs 200 crore loan to Ramalinga  Raju -a personal loan,against no collateral. This amount has been taken by Raju to fund his sons ‘ projects.If the loan is not repaid in 90 days, then it becomes a bad loan,.Raju has borrowed large funds from several financial institutions to dress up his  debts.

Southern Petro chemicals , SPIC, in short, owes several millions to State Bank Of India.SPIC has become a non performer. Yet , State Bank of India , has not taken any action.

The people behind these cited companies  are grand in stature, pose themselves to be top industrialists, move in high  circles, have personal  rapport with ranked officials, ministers, and politicians. The rewards , a decent way to  call bribes, they extend to the greedy bureaucrats, and politicians , are  fantastically excellent. This superb initiative by the  borrowers dumbfounds  State bank Of India.

Fine  alterations and passive moderations are enforced to deal with such impostors by State bank Of India.

Rigorous chemistry  and intriguing addictions are impounded to react with  frank transparent good persons.

This hypothesis  of State Bank Of India , is truly a reflection of the Holy Angel.

This selfless concern, of State bank of India ,for the welfare Of Satyam and SPIC promoters ,is  a virtue ,and can be called as ALTRUISM.

Let us sing the praise of The HOLY ANGEL- State  Bank Of India-Long Live your disguise., Long Live your partiality, Long Live your Prejudice, Long Live your foolhardiness.