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Parties, Weddings,Functions

Parties feign ostentation. Money flows like wate. But nowadays  water resource is also limited. Unmindful spending , on the place, on the menu, on the gifts, on the decoration, on the reception , make one sad.We should deliver that Conservation is the theme of all practical endowments.

Most of our bretheren , live a very below the  line life,with minimum food and maximum trouble.We need not take such presumes, but can we not give a thought to their existence , while celebrating in a grandiose affluence?

Weddings should be performed in style, as the unification of two individuals, from entirely different background, from absolute differed path, cohere  into a single unit. The ceremony should not be a mere exhibition of wealth and splendour, but should propel a sobriety and  stage a solemn entreaty,

Functions ,in general ,work with great gusto, either it be a social, political or a corporate. The pompous display hides the purpose.  Most concerned preferences are shadowed by the extravaganza.The realistic approach is not to be tracked in  the so called conferences, conventions , confluences.All these hyper activities dissolve the essence of the events. In the end we walk away with practically no knowledge of the call, no experience of  participation. The vagueness is predominant,apart from the sumptuous food and socialising with the elite.

The extra energy, money, time and skill ,could be utilised for productive, progressive. and promotional fare. Let us give a thought to it.