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Slumdog Millionaire- fine shoot.

Danny Boyle’s  price shoot is  a cute combination of myth and reality, of transcendental and ordinary. It is an unconventional film , funny ,sad , exhilarating .

The slum kids  act with great ease , almost depicting the slum life in seventies and eighties.Their acting is so intense  that tears gush up and there is enormous perfection.Boyle’s direction keeps the audience in gripping hooks. Boyle is extremely dynamic  and enrapturing.

Jamal Malik , is a street urchin , who is one question away from  quizzing which has a price tag of 20 million rupees. The quizzer, the police and the onlookers are puzzled ,as how this slum dweller is able to come out with exact answers.Jamal comes out with his life ,  delivers the poignant  loss of his love Latika , and  the sordid tale of his growing up with his brother  Salim in Mumbai.

How can an eighteen year old boy , brought up in the streets answer such difficult quizzing?. This is the main plot of the film. The boy ,with no formal education ,without proper brought up ,acquires wisdom through experience ,and deftly answers the questions with guesses and lifelines.The film is an aesthetic triumph. It may sound unbelievable apparently, but virtually most plausible.

It is realistic outlook, the presentation is almost exact spot on and a melodrama. It is a seamless narration. The grim mumbai slums get an uplift by deploying humour.

The music is brilliant. A.R.Rehman excels in setting up the musical cliche.The music complements the narrative.The resonant sounds accents  the jarring noise and discordant aerial shots .Rehman has won satellite award.He has done India proud.

Slumdog Millionaire will receive many more honours including the Oscar.