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Chinese Toys

Toys are generally for amusement.They have a history  as old as human civilisation.Toy promote cognitive behaviour and  induce creativity.The young use toys for play and help their bodies grow strong. The adults use  toys for development of mind and body and decorate their habitat.

Toys were originally made of wood sticks , rocks and clay.Modern toys were made of plastic, synthetic materials, and cloth.The wooden blocks are the best of all toys.They promote coordination of eye and hand , develop maths and science skills and make children creative.

Chinese toys are cheap and propose lot of variety. They are produced in large  scale. They are extremely attractive and the kids are enamoured by its sheen and shine.

Thomas and Friend wood train set has been recalled by the U.S. This set has been painted with poisonous  lead paint.The Floating eyeball was set to be filled with kerosene.The Chinese brands are hazardous to health, as children have  the tendency to put the toys into their mouth. The poison in the lead paint , which cause serious health problem.

Children , under the age of six, are prone to dangerous affliction , as their growing bodie assimilate  more lead. This affects the brain and the nervous system, behaviour and learning problems,retarded growth , head ache and  hearing  problems.

Manifestation of  lead poison in cheap Chinese toys  , have forced  the authorities to reinforce the recall rule. nearly 24 items of Chinese toys have been banned to enter U.s.

Traditional base for toys is  most welcome , less risky , and most environmental friendly.