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Bush Loves What He Does.

The grand finale of Bush’s presidency is about to be enacted.. An eight  year tenure filled with foibles and flaws, mistakes and mismanagement, aberrations and alterations, and squirms and squabbles.

He politicised everything,  prompted military advances by waging war on nations,and provoked greed ,hate and fear.

Bush had  the most likely qualities of his predecessors,but made no use of them. Yet he was re elected.

The funniest part of his Presidency is his policy of Divide and Rule.. Unity which was well in  his grasp after 9/11, was floundered by Him.The  asset  that  of unity,which was unperceived ,and unexpected was squandered by Bush .

Bush was a determined  destroyer, he poured into his assumptions with mighty fervour and practical deliberations. He succeeded in conspiring against the sincere takers, conniving with  scandalous personalities, committing with the impractical genre and flourishing with the newly discovered rich.

Bush’s immorality has given a wide scope to Osama Bin Laden. He cancelled the right to Habeus Corpus and the right  to be free from unnecessary government spying. The governance was highly politicised. The departments ,which were hitherto untouched by politics fell into the hands of  greedy ,corrupt politicians, who shattered ethical decorum of the machinery.His financial heading was a disaster. The enormous tax cuts ,he presented left a big hole in the  budget.He favoured the rich , thus nourishing a Ponzi economy based on quick rich schemes.He failed in hiring competent persons for top jobs.His thirst for war ,has put the nation is a tight spot. He deceived the country by posting a fairy attire over a devilish physic.

The eight long years is a synonym of deceit, is a parody of transparency, is an exhibit of disaster, is a reflection of greed ,is a subtle variation  of  autocracy.

The years can be afforded the best titular heroic worship  in a dissimilar definition.