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U.S Economy “very sick” says Obama

Obama’s statement causes worry.The country is reeling under recession.He wants to provide employment to all by adopting “”use it or lose it”policy.A meritorious project for the long time and an inclination to do stuff that boosts economy quickly ,is the systematic agenda of Obama ‘s governance.

This phrase of Obama ,dubbing economy as “sick”, calls for a reference . A dissertation was presented by a management student, on Failure of Spinning Mills In South India. The student had mentioned that the spinning mills have become sick ,attributing various reasons for the failure..

The Professors in the panel got furious at the word sick. They struck tthe word sick in all places , wherever it was found. The submission, .otherwise a super performance was blinking with red marks.

In the foot note, they put down that only persons ,animals get sick. The word will not explain the redundancy of a company or an economy  Things with life  fall sick and things without life become unviable. was the explanation put forth by the panel.

I was amused. Normally we do call failing industry as a sick one. But the argument of the learned Professors is exact and duty bound. I go with them.

Obama has to replace sick with unviable.

Living beings can be cured., lifeless have to be set right . You cannot set a dead  man alive, but restore the wrong  economy right.