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Impertinence Glorified

Intelligence is a gift,

To a limited few,

Who with a sharp wit,

Rise above the blue.

Impertinence is a prize,

To  generally most,

Who with their cries,

Demoralize everything  almost.

Impertinence  harps on a discordant note,

Raps on a deviated  tone

By delivering  in rote,

A capricious  groan

The impertinent  brash ,

Moves  with the air of  arrogance

With damn  insolence and rash,

Casting a  feverish abuse.

The world glorifies  the audacious,

Celebrates the saucy irrelevance,

As it  extends   a nettled sacrilegious,

Supportive incognito  deference.

Law also tags  with them,

As the solicitors are mouth piece ,

For liars and  highly condemn,

The idealistic intelligence.

As such  stupidity runs riot,

Leaving a mass endorsement,

Of substandard  effect,

Reaping a disqualified discernment.