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The Umbra And The Penumbra

Those who stand tall

erect and straight

need bother, not of else

as it goes with nothing false

the direction is one of no turns

no deviations to squander

nor  any loopholes to pluck  asunder

a steady walk focused on the path

no diversions to distract

nor any fatigue to sleep over

the determination takes along

way ahead of the integral

way into the deferential

where we could notice the mathematical

as the precision is the criteria

going by the  trigonometrical  identities

and the statistical data correspond

with the graphical finites

the points of intersection

and the degrees of interjection

collide and corroborate

conclude and conceive

a perception different  in all

where the flights of poetic fancy

exudeumbra nad penumbra the realistic diplomacy

none could be said of the past

nothing could be seen in the present

no means to extend in the future

all not being time bound

all converging into  infinity

where dark and light could not be  seen

where dawn and dusk exist on a preconceived

a fixed motion that plays a part

day in and day out without fail

hope Poetry slumber.

The Rise And Set

The day starts with joy immense 

with the dawn fresh and reviving

the hope continues  with a force

when the sun stands atop

over the head with a penetration

the feel, to overcome, is at the zenith

with the thrust to out beat  with a force

the thought, to overwhelm,  comes with a zest

but the wish is put to unpredictable  test

with the sun’s descent towards the west

the spirit to win and perform  fades slowly

as there comes an acceptance  meek and mild

the eyes close  and revel in deep slumber

with that the mind goes back to a penumbral joint

a daily happening with no foist or point.rise and set.

choice Forget Poetry

Immeasurable Joy!

It is the mind that matters

an easy take in the go

the best solace  to keep the flow

it is a forget  with a smile

helps to  cross the miles

forgiveness is the choice

slowly  lead to Forgive-and-Forget immeasurable joy.