delight. Poetry savoury


Pop, pop goes the corn

bursts into a milky  corn

marinated with salt and pepper

else with a sugary syrup

the popcorn finds a welcome

kids and adults do crunch

the oldies take it  with  delight

a savoury snack for one and all

keeps all in a lively callpopcorn

bell chime Poetry rhyme temple

In The Shrine.

A cousin of mine

goes to the shrine

at the stroke of nine

every day before dine

as he wants to shinetirunelvelnellaiyappartemple22_1

become a gentleman fine

has other wishes in line

that of earn lot of dimes

write a few rhymes

the temple bell chimes

he rushes to the area  prime

manages to see the aarathi   in time

returns home from the shrine

home institute Poetry


I have no institutions

I do no improvisations

I have no introductions

nor do I  any reductions.Instituions

I am an institute by myself

frame rules for myself

try not to break them by self

nor do I impose on  others?

That is my outlook personal

might be seen not in books regional

a different thought  not seasonal

do I seem rational or  irrational?

Institutions begin at home

spread through, not in a roam

grow quietly like a psalm

should blossom with an aplomb.