Daily Archives: January 22, 2015

The Gathering Clouds —Haiku

The cloudsclouds  gather

diffuse they, in a scatter

that be the matter.

The Mortals

Most mortals think they would live

death is not the one they believe

never the wise  feel the same as they  understand

life is impermanent  and would disband

the period of life  is fixed  for all born.

The permanency  is assumed by the go -between

more precise with the dull-headed and in-between

those who conclude they are  eternal

break law and snap family ties

usurp, hoard and acquire  with tries.

They accumulate material largess with great greed

as far as their intellect deciphers in a deed

mercenary affluence to them  is by far the best

push to the oblivion the spiritual thoughts to test

dismantle the treasured values to a semblance.

They dash the ethics against the wall in a kind

fly high with immortality in mind.

not knowing their end is very near

hold to the bosom their life so tight

that way they live and to them it is   wonderful.mortals