Could . Poetry

Could be – Haiku

Could be something?

could it be something else?

It could be.

danger disaster Poetry

A Poky Nose!

The spoil she is

calls now and then

spills out  the beans

that be not true

spreads a tale so fast

flames up like a fire

with a hurt and a pain

wantonly done

a woman, not of good heart

very sly and treacherous

likes not anyone to live happily

that has been her attitude

pokes her nose through any minute hole

understands not the talk primarily

with a pinch and a dig  she accumulates

turns and events  not too coherent

a result of her imagination

a dare devil in the scene

could not keep her tongue well inside

pushes it out when not needed

swaps the news with a link

that is ultimately a wrong conclude

within a wink, goes with her mission

a real disaster to herselfpoky nose and to all at large.

determination. Poetry thoughts

A Worldly Advice

The explicit  in a sense

the obvious in a way

the clarity in a say

the  focus in a stay

keeps us through the  day.

A lookout for the truth

curious to reach the depth

an attempt to save

a design to carry over

keeps us through the year.

A practical  sensibility

an unbiased disposition

a long standing patience

a notation for flexibility

keeps us through  the entire life.

That be the proposition

with a tactfulwordly advice execution

a foot here and a foot there

could lead to a disaster

be wary of it in all   matter.