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Law And Police.

Police are keepers of law.They work for the protection of civilians . They strive to keep law and order. They patrol the area allotted to them by warding off antisocial elements.

But how many of them do ?

A    few officers and sergeants are diligent and maintain decorum and discipline. The majority misuse their powers . They create panic in the most calm areas, by indulging in attestations that invoke fear and apprehensions. The public are taken for a ride  by the police force. They are penalised for no fault . They have to pay heavily,if caught by the Inspector . If they raise their voice in protest , the officer canes them accuses of rude speech, and imprisons them.The civilian meted with such crude treatment , has to move about in shame. The bribe they take to cancel the case filed is quiet heavy. Apart from such illegal provocations, they also involve in other sacrilegious activities that should not find a place in paper.

The derogatory reputation they have earned has not registered a  positive significance in their style of approach. The unpleasant deliberations make people repel from the Police force. They normally get scared to get in touch with the Police, as it would engage a lot of time,and bring about a wasteful expense,and push in mental torture.

I read recently of a man being handcuffed by police on suspicion that he was trying to break a house, which was  his own home. The miscommunication has landed the man in jail. He produced his identity card, in spite of it he was imprisoned.

The man’s pride is hurt. He , if I remember right  is Gates who had returned from China. The Police sentinel is unmindful of the infliction they have caused. Yes , this is one among the multitude of cases they have mishandled. They remain untethered.But, what about Gates ?His affliction is tremendous. His agony is unspeakable.The molestation , he suffered , is unthinkable.

The Police go on. One day they will retire and slip into the fold of ordinary citizens.Then , they will realise the trauma, the rejection. Their heart will race in palpitation. Their shrivelling seductions will lead them to an infidel , nauseating , distraught composure..