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Terrorism Unabated.

Indonesian capital Djakarta  was a victim of a bomb blast today. Six people lost their lives. The two high end hotels Ritz and Marriott were targeted. Incidentally these two hotels are owned by the same person.

These two hotels  are run with great caution. The security is at its best.How did this happen?The perplexed state of affairs is prevailing.No one is able to decipher what it is all about? What for these two hotels chosen  by the attackers? Why did this blast enacted?

It is unbelievable.Ritz was ripped inside out. The pictures look horrible. The suicide bomber has perfectly ccommissioned the blast.

We sit  and watch the world perish in miniscules.

We  sit and espy the ghastly bloodshed

We sit and perceive the drama of terrorism.

We sit and experience the rational suffering.

We sit and accept the death knell.

We sit and digest the horrendous gravity.

We sit and do nothing to stop them.

We sit and say loudly that it is beyond our capacity.

We sit and put the blame on others.

We sit and deliver nothing to maintain peace and harmony.

We call ourselves Human.

Human means no feeling.,

Am I right?


The Solar Eclipse

There will be a solar eclipse on 22/July/2009.It would be visible in India and in certain South Asian countries. This is a natural phenomenon,that takes place periodically. But much importance is attached to it ,for reasons best unknown to most of us.

The astrologers are agog with this deliberation. They predict catastrophic imbalance in the South Asian countries. There would be earthquakes, Tsunami, and floods.Previous eclipses have brought with them , political turmoil, pushed in natural calamities and focused on economic Topsy turvy..

The Indian researchers attribute  a forecast to people born on particular stars. These stars are poosa and ashelesha. The eclipse  takes place  when Poosa is at the helm. This range does not augur well to the nations . Political disturbance is predicted. There will be lot of chaos and confusion. nature will run riot, causing major distractions and inflicting loss of life.

The indian traditional horoscope readers have beckoned those born on Poosa , to visit to hoary Shiva shrines, and offer prayers to ward off the evil influence of solar eclipse. If they are unable to go to ancient temples , they can complete the poojas by visiting shrines which are nearby and offer obeisance to the presiding deity.

Amused I was , when I  read all these in the newspapers. What does the eclipse signify?It does happen as every other natural event. The day rises, and draws to a close. Each day is ascribed with a star , and there are twenty seven stars according to the Indian astrology. Particular stars have a rich benediction, Few others are called as average turnovers. A handful are termed as outcasts. People born under such stars are treated as outcasts, especially when the horoscopes are matched during marriages., many splendid wed locks are averted because of these irreverent connotations attached to the stars.

Moola forewarns the death of the father in law.Ashlesha  ushers the untimely demise of the mother in law. kettai is not suitable to the eldest co born of the bridegroom. Visaka has to do some evil to the younger brother. Avittam brings in heavenly fortunes. Bharani points out to the absolute possession of properties. how dis astrologers came to a conclusion about the stars and their effects. If astrologers can be so accurate , why do they flounder in their own life. Will they not be able to foretell their future and act cautiously.?

My mind is in deep turmoil. I anticipate an eruption of a volcano ,related  to my mind. The remittance would be  of such high velocity and alarming magnitude.Hope it coincides with the Solar eclipse.

Discriminations Then And Now.

It was a beautiful evening. The wind was blowing gently. The sky was losing its fair like brightness. The shade of black darkness was setting in,with a twilight yellow in the background.

Nature was propagating all colours in a genial virtuosity.It was a magnificent sight.White, black and yellow presenting a pictorial hue.It was wonderful.The effect of the varied ,contrast colours was significant. Mother Nature bore no discrimination,as her children , the human beings are inclined to.

The racial discrimination has been in vogue for centuries together. A civil war was fought in U.S during the nineteenth century. Its remnants are still fresh in our minds. Though ,the dislike of the Blacks have been suspended outwardly, the white man secretly nourishes a hatred towards  the dark fellow. The Black Man, looks rigid, solid and imposing.There are a few , who commit treason. Most of them look rugged , but have a childlike heart. Honour their character. Forgive their errors. See them as your own race, that is human race.Then all differences will sink into oblivion. Do not consider them as a brat. Think about them as normal intelligent persons. Work with them collectively.The goal of eternal peace on earth will be achieved in no time.

The racial combat has also  a tumultuous effect on society. The Sri lankan conflict had swollen in magnitude exhibiting the discrepancy prevailing over the Tamils and Sinhalese. A little adjustment on both sides would have averted blood shed , massacre, devastation. The refugees are in a sad state of affairs. The beautiful island with enormous resources and blessed with excessive lovely pictorial sights is rife with gunshots,  bomb blasts. The people move about in constant terror, venture out with protruding eyes filled either with blood or tears, proceed with masked bravery to perform their routine.

These are a standing illustrations of the present world. The mandatory killings, and the venomous threat that looms large over all countries of the world , lingers an insensitive , numbed ridicule .The   spirited youth should take up the cudgels against these horrible clauses . They should affirm to protect the nations from white fanaticism, black atrocities and yellow liveliness.


Trade And Commerce-The Indian Way.

Business lacks ethics, in general,more so in India.The righteous path, the direct approach, the minimum gain, and maximum satisfaction  are the four virtues of  trade. But ,such a straight forward scripture is an outdated  ,obsolete unrealistic ideal.

Commerce is a transaction, between individuals,between companies,between manufacturers,between nations.It is similar to barter of yore. In primeval ages rice was exchanged for metal, wheat was  bought by selling befitting quantity of   vegetables,fruits were procured by disposing cloth,meat was transacted for fodder, cattle were bargained for provisions. This system knew no currency,Money was an alien word. The trade had its own course of movement. There was no intermediaries, no brokers, no transaction fee, no commission, no service tax, and no sales tax. All these “no’s”,kept things in beautiful shape . The progression was present . The durability of prosperity was exemplified. There was consolation.There was enough pride. There was enormous happiness.

Later on, Trade and Commerce underwent a metamorphic transcendence. The currency was introduced, to simplify the process. Instead it muddled up the entire industry. The Pandora’s box was let open. There was an en wrapping methodology of  chaos.The currencies took different names, such as dollar, pound, lira, rupee.They also had varied values.They were in proportion to the gold reserve of the respective country.

With money’s advent, the hornet’s nest was resurrected.The business practice assumed a significant deviation from the accepted norms. The Indian way was a predominant throttle that dumped the integrity,and sincerity to the gra ve.The Indian businessman took law unto his hands. He hoarded goods, shelved them in godowns, bribed the officials, and entered into unholy nuances thus demeaning the sanctity of business. Trade , is a child’s play in his hand.Commerce is a puppet like show to this Indian tradesman. He makes politicians dance to his tunes.The cabinet is at his beck and call.The policies are framed as per his wish. The rules are amended as per his whims. The reinforcement of schedules are according to his fancy.The banking sectoe are under his thumbs. The stock exchange dangles to his nods and nots.A dissenting voice is subdued either by force or by money.

The Indian top businessman moves about in kingly dimension. The export and import are a branch of his manipulating majors. Thr tricks he let loose are impressively baffling.The  scheming ,he  deploys  are insensitively wicked.The connivance, he converges is irradically contemptuous.Yet he makes merry,at the expense of his nation. Yet he revels in gaeity at the cost of the people.Yet he enjoys ultimate bliss  foresaking the prosperity of the country.

An Awesome Truth

Truth is always bitter, but certain times it can be awesome too. I was shaken ,when I heard the dispassionate ,wicked remark of a close relative , from one of my subordinates. It was so callous , so stinking , so horrible to hear.  I stood aghast . I shuddered  . I was numbed for a few moments. Then , my original self took control of the situation. I resumed my calmness . I regained my composure. Gradually , the smile dismantled the frown in my face. The ease disbanded   the shock . The feeling ,that the world  is also made up of mean minded, foul mouthed , wreckless beings  assuaged my desperation.

The mode of gulping everything at one stroke has been the operation concept of my close relative , right from childhood. Whatever he grabs, grabs is the right word, and it has come to me unassumingly,is shoved into his mouth,whether he needs , or whetner he is hungry. Now , in his early sixties , this exercise has been faithfuly followed by him , in the case of family properties and income. He seizes all that comes into his hand , as he is the seniormost member, enjoys the full benefits, makes merry with his coterie , who are a band of useless fellows.He is not bothered about his siblings, his nephews, his nieces, It is he and his family, that are entitled to the largess ,according to his scheme.I annihilated the presence of this man from my thinking.It is worthy  to talk with people with brains and decorum , than with men posessing empty heads and arrogance. Etranging  myself from the family, I maintained a solid income and a potential growth in a short span of two years. This irked the evil minded man. He was waiting for a chance to cross my ways, to antagonise me, and wanted to make a deep furore in my resolution.

The  ill conceived design ,the devastating diagram , raked my demeanour. The caustic deceit devoured my genial spirit. The acidic phrase ransacked my poise. He was successful in delivering a  short stint of stumping down . He was triumphant in shattering the faith in  my determination. But it lasted only for a while.

The stoicism  and the confident firmness  of which I am made off took the better of me. I am back. I am the same old self once again.

Stretching Across

A day will come , when I can sit in ease , to gauge the specifications around.

A day will come, when I can  recline to watch , the beauty around.

A day will come, when I can relax to hear the melodious music around.

A day will come , when I can  hope to enjoy the chirping around.

A day will come , when I can  rejoice to heed to the sweet gestures around,

A day will come ,when I can relish to attend to the remarkable rendition around.

A day will come , when I can withdraw  to the realm of eternity.

A day will come , when I will  decimate into the  world of infinity.

That day  will come in short duration,making me evaporate as morning dew.

That day will come in quick interval, pushing me afloat as the light blue clouds.

That day will come in fine succession, forwarding me into eternity.

Adieu! Adieu! Adieu!

An Unspecific Viscosity

There seems to be nothing great. There seems to be nothing happening. There seems to be an unbelievable calmness. Thers seems to be a restricted activity. The economy is in a lull. The governance is in a mechanical rote. The people are in a disorganised   schedule. The essence of living is a mulled , mitigated , and attains a serene endeavour.

Nothing is stable. There is an unprecedented rise in the stock market, one day. The next day witnesses a deep truncated tumble.
The economic policies  are totally without synergy and enthusiasm.
The simulation and stimulation is proceeding , but without any vigour and interest.

Why is the  infliction so deep?Why is the penetration so incisive?Why is the energising viccitiude not overwhelming?Why is the  verification so excessive?

A deliberation and an an apprehension embarks. The cross section of the society is in profound disturbance.  The viscosity  of the terminal investigations is so thick ,that the element of doubt and suspicion often goes hand and hand with everyinfringement and exercise.

As the dominance of suspicion is keeping things  in a desperate frustrration, as the inquisitive mind is peeping into every dense thicketted  succour, the march towards fine evolution of prosperous pulling is thoroughly disappiated .

A sincere work, a genuine re work and a systematic examination should be performed to amalgamate glory and peace.