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Ambanis Claim Nature

Ambanis govern the Indian nation’s economy.Ambanis consider the national ,natural asset as their own. Mukesh and Anil fight over it. Is it not amusing?Does it not sound quixotic?The whole issue is malignantly ridiculous.It signifies a voluptuous appetite.

The Indian Government is screaming over the feud of the brothers. It has addressed the dispute as the economy is eld hostage by the Ambanis. It has rushed to the Supreme Court,to disprove the claims of the brothers.What a sad state of affairs!. This is a typical way of conducting business in India.Ambanis fit the business jigsaw exactly.

The Indian trade and commerce professed certain morals ,practised ethics , before the fanfare appearence of Dhirubai Ambani, the father of the fighting brothers.

Indian business and finance can be classified into two main epochs. The era before Dhirubhai can be termed as B.A. and after as A.A.The B.A was a modest age, where there was a few businessman-top level, and few business, focusing on textiles , Steel , cement. Public listed companies were less. The shareholders had absolute faith in the management and the later reciprocated the trust with bonus shares and handsome dividends. Industry was thriving , in a compressed structure as there were regulations to monitor the growth. There were minimum defaulters. The GDP was growing steadily.

In 1970 , the messiah of business Ambani hustled in with a magic wand. He floated  his companies with much  exhibitioners skill. His shareholders were treated with a silver spoon. The new era in Indian business dawned. It brought with it excellent results,  showed high speed in development,negotiated the loopholes in the strict regulations.It also derived an hideous suffix of anti in all its vibrations. It assumed a proportion which was opposite to every confirmed attribute. Anti legal, anti tax, anti government and anti trade,became the motivational spirit of a business man.The voice of the protesters to these attempts was silenced by currency or by inflicting physical bruises. Admonitions were quietened by these dons. The Government top gear was in the hands of these industrialists. A silent devastating revolution was underway.So long the Government was held captive by these big shots.

A sudden enlightenment is in the vicinity. The Government has slammed the Ambani brothers of holding economy as hostage, reads the news clippings.

The Ambanis are trying to usurp Nature of its bounties. They are not aware of nature’s violence , of its fury. Its toll is beyond comprehnsion