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Building Planes In The Air-Not Castles

High flying calibre not possible for everyone.

The Indian sky ,which has a traffic jam , is going to be freed by the restrictions that are going to be imposed by the Oil companies on few airlines. There was  a sprout of aviation companies recently. They were having fast take offs. They grew in supersonic ” Jet” acceleration. They  took to the sky imperiously as”Kings’ ascend the throne.They were ‘Paramount ” in fame. They added “Spice” to travel.The “National Aviation’ is a big question mark.

Murali Deora , the Indian Minister for petroleum ,has come out with the details of the overdue payments by Kingfisher , leading the list with  960 crores ,followed by Jet  with750 crores,National Aviation company 472, Paramount -25.32 crores, and Spice jet -16 crores.,to three petroleum companies.If the airlines do not hasten up their repayments, then action will be taken according to the commercial agreement that was signed by the Petroleum companies and  airlines.

The datas seemed to be alarming. While the airlines are having such a neck to neck situation, how do they keep things running , not only smoothly, but making public announcements that they are going to purchase planes . They are going to enlarge the destination maps.

The financial reporter has a duty to weigh the data’s before he puts it in black and white. the reporter Of Business line a fortnight back , had come out with the purchase of ten planes by paramount Airways. the managing Director ,of the airlines, had announced that he is making waves , by introducing Business class  flights. Now ,he is getting into the arena of bringing more cities into his regime. The report was so exciting. But the Petroleum Minijster’s proposition of taking action against Paramount Airways is disarming.

King fisher Mallaya is a dare devil. He appears in the scene like an apparition and disappears in a hallucination. His King fisher airlines in sparkling red ,look so cutte. The service  is excellent. As if in a stroke, he bought the low cost airlines Air Deccan. His admiring courtship has virtually slipped to back levels when we hear about his loans. His airlines is in red.

The Jet Airways, which  revolutionised Indian air traffic,is rejected by its impressive debts.Naresh Goyal, the mentor of Jet airways , was in news when he tried to conclude Jet -Air Sahara deal.But , the deal dropped dead . Later he sacked  a fine percentage of his employees, one fine evening.When faced with stiff opposition, he shed crocodile tears , and called the dismissed  work force back. Now , he is in the limelight as a defaulter.

Business , whether it be a petty shop, or a conglomerate should propound ethics, should have a solid base, and strong fundamentals.. It is easy to build castles in the air, but not planes. Castles depict imagination,according to the saying,but planes carry flesh and blood,ambition and aspiration, love and affection. So , a better strata of reality should land before each take off.


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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