beauty. fascination Poetry wonder

A Glossary

Nine days of this month

being that Of November

with rains in plenty

the sunshine in scanty

the  days seem to pass

with the lovely impasse

a strain of heat not felt

a grain of coolness

surrounds in the most

the birds enjoy the change

the flowers blossom with joy

find  there a freshness all over

a scene of beauty and beatitude

as if in a portraiture of beauty

a glossary of wonder and fascination.waxwings_021_43DB8E7F-5056-8D7B-053017E45D3DED66

breach clue. Poem strange violation wonder

The Band Of Colours,

The colours I see on the top of my page

red, orange, yellow green and blue

make me wonder being bandstrange

I see it for long without a clue.

Could it be for a breach?

nay, I have not violated

Could it be then a praise as such?

I have not done anything to be appreciated.

Well, then why is it there?

I stare at it for  quite some time

not able to arrive on anything in a share

I gaze at it with cheer with a smile.