destiny evil Poem

Evil Begets Evil

I had seen many things in life
I had seen good things to an extent
bad things exceed in number and strength
I am being relative though
good things correspond to kindness on whole
the kinder you are the nobler you be
kindness is awesome without any dole
bad things take me beyond the norms
evil be the only word I could find to denote
decries and howls at you with a fierceness
supersedes you in no time without a note
you become a victim and a player in oneness
a vulnerability settles with a strangeness
the little good you have disappears
you become evil, think evil and talk evil
that be the destiny of badness
possessed they are of evil in darknessevil begets evil.

desirable gait Poem

Divine Grace.

Ichithra pournamit is grace they say
a divine grace in a way
that overwhelms the crowd
who shout aloud
they shake and cry
never at all shy
raise their voice
throw their choice
excited they are
exaggerated they wear
studs, bracelets and chains
gaudy shirts with thick metals
all go to make the scene unholy
the frenzied shouts haunt the ears
their gait teases the eyes
altogether a not so desirable event
but has become a powerful deviant.

Poem thrilled

Long Live My Sons ——-“Atha”.

Come the weekends
I sit tied to my phone
there could be no end
the rings come nonstop in tone
the calls would be in order
the first from my first son
who lives in the northern border
the next from my second son
who lives in the southern hemisphere
finally from my youngest one
who lives in the same sphere
all call me in the same tone
and utter the very word “atha”
( the Tamil equivalent of mother)
the eldest one talks in a mild voice
the same way he used to call me as a kid
the second one bursts out with emotion across
as he used to hug me when he was a kid
the third comes in an authoritative tone
the very way he used to beat me around as a kid
they have changed and fathered children
their voices till remains the same to me
and it is that call that brings me out of the den
three sonsMy sons, I love you all the more and most.
Long Live all of you!—-“Atha”.


It Flew

Away it flew
before anyone attempted a bird flewslew
into the blue


Not Anymore.

The clock strikes seven
ding dong goes its bell
I used to be in a hurry
not so anymore

The seven in the morning
a crucial time long back
with children at home
not so anymore.

The morning call at seven
a hectic time long before
the school bus honked so loud
not so anymore.

The alarm went mad at seven
ran here ran there long ago
my boys jumped over the fence
not so anymore.

The seven past in the morning
heaved a sigh of relief years back
with my boys packed to school
not so anymore.

Now the seven, or eight in the morning
I watch the school buses ply up and down
my sons not around me to get ready
very different all the more.

school bus

darkness Poem

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Am I afraid of the dark?
never, quoth I with pride
dark is a bliss
when one can hear a hiss
it preempts a fear
never so to me dear.

The scary darkness as all say
is one not of gay
I relish in its silence
revel in its dissonance
darkness has its own glory
yet all condemn it with fury.

I lie in the darkness
with memories of past
one by one they go on a show
the long back comes in very slow
the lessons I learn
checks me with a discern.

sleep and darkness go well
they complement one another
as darkness sets in
the eyelids close in
slumber overwhelms to a death status
the conscious turns dormant in phases.

Theft and murder happen in darkness
a common belief all so ever
darkness hides the wrongdoer
never do I vouchsafe for this terror
evils take place in broad daylight
the men pass without casting a sight.

I am an advocate of darkness
I deny its allegiance to illicit
I admire its loveliness
the black sky renders a greatness
I might be a quixotic being to you
yet to me the darkness is best to view.

Darkness relates to many attributions
it being a benefactor to most
lovers huddle together in proximity
darkness gives them the wanted privacy
the child nudges and cuddles on to the mother
the birds nestle close under their feathers.

To be in the dark, an idiomatic expression
illustrates the ignorance in a strength
little does it know that darkness illumines
dark is an associate of calmness determines
an incongruity and a paradox ruminate
the explicitness is in the real frame
darkness puts radiance to a shame.

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Who She Is In A Way?

It is a trick

more or less a gimmick

she is a friend to all

always there in a call

that was before long

now she  is away for long

does not respond at all

nor does  she answers a call

she has turned a mystery

her good nature has become a history

she dodges and drives through

never in place all through

I seek and search with fervour

could find her where so ever

I give up and sit back

she came today in a slack

she was with me for a few minutes

disappeared from my hold in a minute

hopped and jumped  to a  place little  away

showed up for a few minutes in a stay

then ran away for the day

could you recognise who she is in a way?

she is none other than rain

she has teased my brain rain falls


Copy -An Art

A copy  turns  original

with creative ideas in elaborate

a camouflage copy

Poem resemblance rugged

A Great Resemblance

it is a steady walk

climbing the steep

descending the slope

crossing the valley

jumping over the pits

wading through the waters

all done in a way

throughout the days

most synonymous with life

surrounded  by  trials

encircled by tiffs

endowed with bliss

entangled by myths

all experienced in a way

throughout the days

a life, not of bed of roses

a walk, not over the smooth surface

a dishevelled  and disturbed path

that be in life and tread

a great resemblance found

by all at all walkingtimes.

astonishment Poem

The Land Of Beliefs And Customs

My country is awe inspiring

the vastness needs exploring

the diversity indicates a disbelief

the people show a distant relief.

Prosperity exudes all  realms

poverty reduces every term

yet they coexist in a trend

make the country  invariably bend.

The  gender discrimination is prominent

the men are very dominant  Walking-on-fire-med

though  the women play a  role significant

they remain almost insignificant.

The religions stick to rituals not loose

with temples seen in all  nooks

the marriages mostly are arranged

within a closeted community in a range.

My country  as I had seen all these years

is  inhabited by people with sharp ears

a slip of the tongue insinuates a flame

that rises up in leaps with every claim.

Yet my country is  adorable

its shortcomings are implausible

but the ancient land  invokes an astonishment

its cheer and stoicism  provoke an amazement