Poem resemblance rugged

A Great Resemblance

it is a steady walk

climbing the steep

descending the slope

crossing the valley

jumping over the pits

wading through the waters

all done in a way

throughout the days

most synonymous with life

surrounded  by  trials

encircled by tiffs

endowed with bliss

entangled by myths

all experienced in a way

throughout the days

a life, not of bed of roses

a walk, not over the smooth surface

a dishevelled  and disturbed path

that be in life and tread

a great resemblance found

by all at all walkingtimes.

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My Friend

mother and daughterGetting down from the bus
Saw my friend crossing the road.
Delighted to see her after years
Made quick towards the other end.
She is Sarah my dearest friend
who walked swiftly like a deer.
Unable to cope with her ran at last.
Run, did I with a difficult stride.
Not able to catch her cried “Sarah”.
My voice was in full blast
Yet Sarah went on her way.
Once again called “Sarah”
at the top of my voice.
The lady stopped in a halt and turned
She looked exactly like young Sarah
who studied with me in college.
Rushing towards her in whatever
speed I could.
Looked at her from top to toe.
She smiled at me bemused.
Asked her if she knows Sarah.
The lady broke into laughter
Held my hand with love
gently said that Sarah is her mother.