Daily Archives: June 2, 2014

An Anticipation

With that goes the short sojourn
there be a winding up in the morn
a push out from the place
to a destination of grace
this be a monthly affair
a thorough up and down fare
the energy gets sapped by the move
a depleted weakness is there to prove
that is how life has been for me
travel that does not cause any glee
instead holds me with a pinch
silently borne with a twinge
have to endure for reasons best known
tolerated for my children in great tone.
By this if they gain immensely
my sacrifice would have a meaning naturally.
Wish this ordeal gets over in a short time
so that I could repose with a good chime.
Hope my prayers should be answered quickly
an anticipation loaded with great anxiety.

Bearings and Moorings.

The bearings and the moorings
keep me in a bond
a make shift is always calling
thrusts me in a pond.

The pond is quite shallow
with a marshy tract
I could find none other below
solely under a pact.

The pact that is drawn effectively
is not all that invasive
it is a coordination of the points rightly
but does not hold as it is effusive.

The effusive nature gets across
wherever it could in a way
gradually it climbs with a toss
tumbles down on the fray..

The tumble down is tumultuous
a sordid desperate fall all the more
a speedy slide being infectious
that is very unexpected as before.