Daily Archives: June 24, 2014

The Outage

The power shut down in a place
has no electricity for most hours
a day goes without power in phase
there are outages almost every hour
termed as peak and lean durations
the blame is on Nature
failure of rains in situations
that is the regular feature
monthly, bi annual and annual in row
the electrical shortage goes throughout
inducting a lot of discomfort in blow
yet the maintenance is not to the mark
assigned a day for total cut off
the inhabitants endure with no remark
the governance in Indiapower outage goes on with a laugh.

A Fever

A fever in the body
the temperature is high
there sets in a delirium
disoriented feel arises
pain in the neck and head
a discomfort not experienced
the child looks hapless
with eyes full of water
blood-shot and tired
the body shivers in fits
up and down it goes
the child tosses and turns
pity her most is all
I can do in a moment
pray did I with fervour
for her recovery in speed.