Daily Archives: June 20, 2014

The Interim

The interim period
the interval instead
the gap in a simple tone
all come in between the shown
that be in the middle
of good and bad transition togetherin a riddle
the proclaimed profit and los
the prescribed change in toss
in the time of political shuffle
be there for a certain time in the ruffle
go ahead with a force straight
then slow down a little in fight
pick up momentum in strike
finally in a sway with a like
that is the reason sure
for a break and a push in lever
for a flight and a drawl in an assure.

Trend and Theme

The trend be that
to wear a hat
the flower on the plait
walk up with a gait
the rouge on the cheeks
the eyes keenly seek
the throb of the heart
goes in a hot
there the hands point
across a joint
the legs go fast
with the mind in cast
the hat falls down
the face draws a frown
that is the trend in sight
the theme looks slight.