Daily Archives: June 1, 2014

The Mind Carries.

Like to read my mind
come and test it.
it is full of thoughts
some very idiotic
others very relevant
they combine together
form a chemical compound
unable to segregate
as they fuse together
their identities are lost
they become so tricky
that working on them
proves difficult
The idiotic dominates
the irrelevance overwhelms
that be the range
where wisdom falls short
presenting a clueless strain.mind

The Struggle.

The struggle that enters
from corners unexpected
the feel of bitter experience
finds hard to go through the throat
Yet it has to struggle to get deep
to get digested and pass on
otherwise would lead to a choke
that would stagger and stagnate
endangering the life at all cost
with that be the end of the loss
which would be hard to reconstitute
or still difficult to retrieve
so be the effort to adjust and accommodate
there goes the smooth passage down
without any friction or falter.struggle.

Just Over There.

An opening of a workshop
there is jubilation all around
crackers go up into the sky
with a loud noise makes one deaf
the beat of drums with no rhythm
add to the sound with a discordance
the guests walk round talking incessantly
that make up the environ most sonorous
the speech of the chief guest echoes
through the microphone in full blast
followed by the honours and felicitations
the calmness of the surrounding is shattered
not for this one day in all proportions
but would be throughout the year
with the growling of engines
and puffing of the smoke all through
along with the spray guns deployed
to paint the worn out vehicles
all here be pollutions in strength
that of noise, air and others in the run.
The beauty of being exclusive is lost in no time.
Yes, we do not know what would happen the next hour?car workshop