The Union Of Morn and Night

The cuckoo calls in the morn
come out and play
a delight of dawn
little light on the way.

The night is there
darkness a tinge light
the sun is found there
peers through the sky in slight.

The day and night are on sight
grey and pale yellow in hue
the ambience is of a peaceful wait
the interior still looms in blue.

The peculiar union is not strange
there blows the wind with pleasure
the celestial symphony excels in a range
as men slumber still in leisure

Great and exalted all the more in love
the picturesque scenario goes unattended
there could be seen the flight of doves
a drizzle falls almost defended.flight of doves


The Confidence Great.

Clever she feels
great she thinks
beautiful she adores
herself in a stream
of all excellent quality
overshadows her foibles
that be her confidence
high above a level
that of her pride
too much in an overbear
Yes, she walks with head high
never sees down at all
always focuses on the stars
that do not shine in the morn.overconfidence


The Other Way Rememberance

Remember your mother
think of your father
say the Holy Scriptures
acknowledge the Holy men
a nice thought in the run
how could it be ?
I address with a plea.

They brought us to the world
raised us well as told
worked hard to take care
is it anything rare?
I recollect the days slowly
fighting odds was not there truly
the little here and largesse there
has left me to closeremeber bare.

The good they did to me at least
never outdid the bad in treat
showered they the treasures on one
refused to part the same to the next one
I mean not the monetary in all
they be the love in full
never did I receive any without trial
well, that might be their style.

The Holy Scriptures do not record
nor do the Holy Men are in accord
the one-sided formula is the universal rule
ignore the travails they preach in full
work on the positives all the more
set aside the negatives from the shore
never could I act on that way
I stand alone from the crowd all day.