The Two Faced Man

He smiles at others
words fall like feathers
kind to his chosen friends
elegant in a trend
has two faces in all
the other one is a drawl
frowns at his wife
words stab like a knife
callous to selected kin
shouts and creates a din
he lives thus all through
his deal is without a clue.2 faces


A Worry

It is worry
that keeps in a flurry
settles on reverie worried-face-thumb18552718


Wedding on The Anvil

weddingThe proposal of a wedding
takes its flight on the wings
practically it is any other thing
need not cause a ring.

A happy disclosure it is
news of delight and bliss
likely it is an event to cherish
differently provokes a gossip in a hiss

The flow turns an overflow
the alliance loses its glow
manipulations induct in a slow
precincts of a distinctive row.

Does it express a sensation ?
The bride points to a distinction
The bridegroom sports an elucidation
reigns there a supreme association.

I marvel at this juncture
it is a mild and soft flutter
should go without any rupture
a harmony into the future


The Exaltation and Constriction

The exaltation and constriction
at the same time with a proposition
in astrology and in life exaltation and constriction
profess a distribution
bring a cheer curtailed
an equilibrium instilled
nothing that overwhelms
nothing that plunges
this be the status in a drill
a little of that in frill
a little of the other in full
there is the balance in all
goes so without a fall.