Milton patience Poetry

They Also Serve

Seem not to move stagnant

stagnant  it remains

a push could prove

a fruitful gain

know not how to do

stand there in the queue

overtake and a  surpass

has never been my pass

so wait is the only way

patience throughout  the day

recall the words of Miltonserve

they also serve

who stand and wait,


The Other Way Rememberance

Remember your mother
think of your father
say the Holy Scriptures
acknowledge the Holy men
a nice thought in the run
how could it be ?
I address with a plea.

They brought us to the world
raised us well as told
worked hard to take care
is it anything rare?
I recollect the days slowly
fighting odds was not there truly
the little here and largesse there
has left me to closeremeber bare.

The good they did to me at least
never outdid the bad in treat
showered they the treasures on one
refused to part the same to the next one
I mean not the monetary in all
they be the love in full
never did I receive any without trial
well, that might be their style.

The Holy Scriptures do not record
nor do the Holy Men are in accord
the one-sided formula is the universal rule
ignore the travails they preach in full
work on the positives all the more
set aside the negatives from the shore
never could I act on that way
I stand alone from the crowd all day.


Not True

He believes his siblings most
thinking them to be great
dumping his wife and children
who stand by him of late
telling them they are not fit
and refrains from talking
fearing they would question
speaks to his wife
just for believenecessity
now she has decided
to keep away from him
as she Knows that
he would not stand by her.

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Paradoxical Anachronism

Burning the midnight candle,

the girl was reading aloud,

memorizing the portions,

with or without understanding,

as on tomorrow she writes the examination,

it is a three-hour ordeal,

that sets her career,

the marks she scores,

would lead her in life,

well, it is the marks ,

that call for attention,

it is not the comprehension,

that shapes her future,

it might sound natural to all,

to me it is  avidly alien,

it sounds incorrigible  and unpleasant,

it tastes exclusively bitter,

it is the way of life, they quoth

anything other is an anachronism,they feel,

so, I stand out: an odd woman out.