Ode To A Door.

The wooden door over there
stands for centuries there
it does not look bare
it is one that which is rare.

The wood is known as teak
having everything in sleek
the thickness and rays found greatly
show its  tenacity and beauty  mostly.

The door opens out and closes
with its hinges still in force
creak does it at times
still being  alert all times.

Scenes that took place inside
incidents that happened outside
has the door recorded  with dates
never would it reveal at any rate.

The door is a silent spectator
listening to that transpires now and later
from within and without  be it
never commenting good or bad in a bit.

Doors like human has ears and eyes
and a mouth too but very nice
speaking nothing ill of anyone
preserving its dignity always never for fun.door


Dignity Distinguishes.

Standing out from the crowd
very distinct from the rest
also looking highly distinguished
she is a lovely lady in form.

As dignity been a part of her
she does things with such care
writes with such flair
and speaks with words rare.

Admiring her from far
my heart goes out to her
acknowledging her poise
and appreciating her grace.

She being a lady of great skill
associated with greater will
she goes with motivational fill
rendering great services without bill.