A Dialogue On Life.

Life is a comedy, you say

I differ from you anyway

it is a tragedy the old man refers

I have to the most defer

What is it? you query

I answer in a reverie.

it is neither this or that

but a combination intact.

You look at me curious

and cast a look dubious.

I smile at you lively

reply to you happily.

Life is joyful in youth

cheer it is in all truth.

It turns sad as years advance

sour it becomes by all chance

Life is heterogeneous.

Do I sound like a genius?

Not at all, in all possibility.

Never am I so, in the eventuality.



Worthy To Remember.

A crash there be
all in a sudden it be
the flight from Netherlands
crossed the alien land
would that be Ukraine
where turbulence reigns
the passengers all on board
been on flight  not bored
the hope of many a one
a wish of mostly none
the want to see places
the thought of those in gazes
never dreamt of the missile fire
sealed them into the pyre
young and old altogether
of any nationality  together
fell  from the skies  as embers
could this be  a day worthy to rememberMH17


The Story Of A Woman.

The story of a woman
widowed very early
a very gentle human
spent her life wearily
while in her seventeenth year
her husband died so quick
she who was so dear
the favourite pick
of her parents among all
a loving wife to her husband
a sweet little doll
remained very stubborn
thwarted the pressure to remarry
lived all along a widow
encountered loads of worry
tossed and turned over her pillow
with the substantial wealth
from her mother’s side
used up by her in-laws in stealth
accounted for their growth beside
finally refused to pay her due
she knew not what to do?
left alone without clue
cursed herself white and blue
A day came when her in-laws
started to feel a discomfort
both in mind and feel for their flaws
wanted to repay her in terms deferred
with the minimum interest possibly low
she was amazed to hear from them
astonished she was very slow
did not for any reason blame them
accepted the payment complacently
wished them well gracefully.pic-1


King Lear And Cordelia

The night sky is clear
The darkness cause a fear
That from the rear
shows up very clear
as we go on to hear
with our sharp ears
the noise goes up in seer
while the movement is here
the voice is from there
resembling the one dear
weeping like king Lear
holding his Cordelia near
knowing not out of fear
she being dead
caressing her with love
and the great King
looks like one to be jeered. King lear

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An Unruffled Mind.

Let it be a tremor.

Let it be a storm.

Let it be a hurricane.

Let it be a revolution.

Let it be an up rise.

Let it be a battle.

Let it be a murder.

Let it be a gory accident.

Let it be an untimely death.

Let it be a disappointment.

Let it be an embitterment.

Let it be unpleasant.

Let it be ghastly.

Let it be  terrible.

Let it be happiness.

Let it be exhilaration.

Let it be a pleasant weather.

Let it be fun.

Let it be entertainment.

If the  mind remains unruffled.

 Then the mind rests in peace.

It revels in joy.