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Monsoon Plays Hide And Seek

People, in those days were able to predict the rains. They did not do any research.  Environmental  study ,was an alien subject to them.Weather forecast was announced as is and where is condition. Time was calculated on the basis of the sun’s position and the shadow’s reflection. Everything was simple , worked out as normal progress. The routine of life was like a school syllabus. The contents were preset . The majority of the population led a peaceful contented life. Their acceptance of the natural disasters , their resignation to the ups and downs in life, their reconciliation to the unexpected eventualities . their adaptation to the transformation in natural recourse , their tolerance towards physical discomforts and their compressed desire towards materialistic fortunes , promised a  prosperous  living.

Now, the suspicious mind is throttling the equanimity, the curiousity kills the spirit,the over enthusiasm  torments the grace, and the thronging  diffidence strangles the poise.The monsoon which has to have set in mid June, is kidding the strained freaks. A delay in the arrival is not unusual..It has happened many a time. A exact entry , a few years back , was made, but gort interrupted in the middle. There was a lull for a  few weeks, followed by a  copious rainfall. Such happenings do take place. Nature has its own programmes and schsdules. Man can neither command its flow, nor frame its itineary.

The dry spell , that prevails is not Nature’s fault. It is Man’s aberration. It is Man’s disrespect  to the natural cause. It is Man’s impatience to amass undeserving wealth. It is Man’s arrogance  to embark on infidel applications, which emanate carbon emissions that create a scar on the ozone.It is Man’s inhuman attitude towards the co habitats. It is Man’s contempt towards vegetation. It is Man’s wickedness  that indulges in large scale felling of trees.

It is Nature’s turn to penalise Man for his callous treachery. It is Nature’s  chance to teache Man a lesson. It is Nature’s fumigation towards Man’s hostility. It is Nature’s opportunity to cheat Man , by playing hide and seek. Man is at the receiving end.He is crying over spilt milk. He is bemoaning the  loss.

Nature is Having its last laugh.