The Man Seems

Talk he not relevant
speaks he not truth
curses all the more
swears all the most
foul-mouthed he is
spreads scandals on the go
spills out slanders on the move.

He has lived long so
not bothered about other’s hurt
dwells with pride at his skill
he is an entertainer at first
then comes his second deal
13416it is sarcasm to the core
a pointed attack severe.

Such men do live
a parasite like entity
glorified by their tongue
relished by the evil
yet they prosper
a life based on others sweat
a creature to be condemned


A Vampire In The Go.

Blasphemous it  is

Disastrous it turns.

Dubious it seeks.

Devilish it looks

Pernicious it sounds.

All the indices in one

He being a  confirmed villain

hiding behind a peculiar vampire  garb

deceitfully  cunning and  highly cantankerous

a  disdainful vampire  in the go.