conservaion Man Poetry rarity survive


A commodity I know

simple and plenty in flow

rises up and down

a fluctuation as shown

a flooding in a season

a paucity without reason

governed not by any man  as of

looks down at him with a scoff

once was in everyone’s hands

now not even found in sand

has become a rarity in all

would turn a scarcity  in a short call

Oh ! without it none would survive

as it is a refreshment with a revive

abused by a man with all his might

yet it tries to serve him without a fight

Poor me it struggles with a face brave

Man would be pushed to the grave

if not its  level   rises in bounds

Let us pray for it to abound..

save man and animals from a drown.

Well, the commodity  is water

conservation of it would prevent a shatter.commodity

grass gratitude. moon Poetry Rain Sun survive

Thanksgiving Day

It is a thanksgiving day

thanks to the Lord

who made them all

that of the Sun, Moon

and rain in turns

without them none could thrive

even a grass cannot survive

not talking cheap of the green blades

as they the best tolerant  do fade

when these three elements fail

the farmer pays obeisance to Sun

January being the month of harvest

the clan go into a festive mood

with joy and mirth all around

singing the praise of God

paying tributes to Him

with offerings sweet and tasty

all done with a focused  dedication

there is an overwhelming devotion

packed with gratitude and satisfaction

a lovely rhapsodical  enrapture on the anvil.Pongal